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Transforming a Plaistow Home: A Maintenance-Free Facelift by Pro Warrior Construction

Plaistow NH Renovation

In the heart of Plaistow, New Hampshire, a charming home awaits its transformation. At Pro Warrior Construction, we’re embarking on a comprehensive renovation project that promises to breathe new life into a residence longing for a modern, maintenance-free facelift. 

Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting makeover, showcasing our choice of materials and the vision behind them.

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The Need for Change:

When the homeowners reached out to us, they expressed their frustration with the constant upkeep their house demanded. The battle against peeling paint and the inevitable decay of wood had become all too familiar. Their wish? A home rejuvenation that would stand the test of time without the need for continual maintenance.

A Palette of Durability: The Siding Makeover:

Our material of choice for the siding is Certainteed’s vinyl in the striking Seagrass color. 

Renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal, Certainteed vinyl siding offers a maintenance-free solution that doesn’t compromise on style. 

The Seagrass color will not only enhance the home’s exterior but also ensure that the beauty of the home remains intact for years to come, without the need for repainting.

The Roof: A Shield Against the Elements:

For the roof, we’re staying within the Certainteed family, opting for the Weathered Wood option. 

This choice not only promises durability and protection against the elements but also complements the new siding beautifully, contributing to the overall aesthetic transformation of the home.

Decking Out in Style: A Backyard Revolution:

The existing wood deck, though once a place of relaxation, had shown signs of age and wear. 

From inadequate framing to outdated footings, it was clear a change was needed. 

Enter Trex Select in Saddle Brown – our pick for the new decking material. 

This choice represents more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a shift to a maintenance-free lifestyle, ensuring the deck remains a place of leisure, not labor. 

Complemented by vinyl rails, the new deck will not only be larger and more functional but also stand as a testament to modern, hassle-free living.

Conclusion: A Vision Coming to Life:

As we progress with the renovation, our excitement grows with each passing day. The transformation of this Plaistow home symbolizes more than just a renovation; it’s a journey towards a lifestyle free from the burdens of constant upkeep. We invite you to follow along as we document the before and after, revealing the true potential of a home transformed with care, expertise, and an eye for sustainability.

Stay tuned to witness the unveiling of a home that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and low maintenance living. At Pro Warrior Construction, we’re not just changing homes; we’re changing lives, one renovation at a time.

Materials Used:
Certainteed Siding (Seagrass Used):
Certainteed Roofing – Weathered Wood Used
Trex Decking: Saddle Brown

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