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Over the years, we have made it a big part of our mission to do whatever we could to help the heroes among us. Since day one, we have offered deep discounts to the military, police officers, fire, EMT, Nurses and more! Now more than ever do we all need positivity in our lives.  Now more than ever do we need to stand proud of our country, come TOGETHER and help each other in times of need.

Positive stories give us hope. They lift us up. They put smiles on faces, that need it badly.. Negativity has always been louder but today, we hope to do our part to change that…

Today, we are excited to announce a brand new program offered by Pro Warrior Construction and our partners around the globe.



We will be donating free roofs, siding, interior rehabilitation and more to those heroes among us.

Do you know someone who gives their entire self for others? Military Veterans, Nurses, Officers, EMT, Teachers, you name it…

If you feel like you know someone that gives their lives to help others, needs help themselves but would never ask for it – we want to hear from you! They just might be the next story that we share with our community!

We not only hope to help as many people as we can, but we hope that this inspires others to do more. We hope this inspires other companies to do the same. Enough with this divide. Enough with fake news stories of dread and negativity.

Let’s create something special that will spiral out of control and literally change the world in our own way..

Together, anything is possible!


If your company would like to be involved or you would like to make a donation of any kind to the Warrior Heroes Among Us program please reach out to or call us at (508) 373-4184

HeroES Among Us Application

Please tell us all about your hero nominee! Please be as descriptive as possible. We will read every single story and choose a winner every quarter! 

The winner will get top of the line services from Pro Warrior and our Sponsors at absolutely no cost!

*Winner MUST AGREE to be on camera – We will be creating entire episodes for social media, TV and other advertising public forums.