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Pro Warrior Construction’s Guide to Roof Preparedness in New England


New England’s autumn season is renowned for its striking colors, crisp air, and harvest festivals. But for homeowners in Newton, NH, it’s a clarion call for essential home maintenance. And the crown jewel of home care? Ensuring your roof is fall-ready. With Pro Warrior Construction, you have a dependable ally on your side, guiding you every shingle of the way.

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Roof-Ready Tips for Autumn from Pro Warrior Construction

Your roof stands as your home’s sentinel, facing down nature’s whims. With the unique challenges of New England’s fall, a touch of preparation can make all the difference.

  1. Spot-On Inspections and Timely Fixes
    • Visual Scans for Damage: Before the winter frost sets in, locate and address any damages, such as cracked shingles or potential leak points.
    • Gutter Vigilance: Keep an eye out for blockages like leaves and twigs. Clearing these can prevent water backlogs.
    • The Pro Warrior Advantage: Rely on our skilled inspection service at Pro Warrior Construction. No potential threats escape our keen eye.
  2. Tackling Ice Dams
    • Ice Dam Awareness: These icy blockages can trap melting snow, potentially causing water ingress.
    • Superior Insulation: An effectively insulated attic can halt the growth of these frosty obstructions.
  3. Managing Nature’s Litter
    • Branch Maintenance: Keep those looming branches trimmed and well away from your roof.
    • Consistent Cleaning: Autumn leaves might find their way onto your roof. Regular sweeps can prevent unnecessary weight and dampness.
  4. Weatherproofing Like a Pro
    • Defensive Measures: With Pro Warrior’s special roof coatings, protect against both rain and early snowfalls.
    • Weather Stripping Excellence: An added protective layer that stands guard against moisture and the cold.
  5. Gearing Up for Snow
    • The Roof Rake Route: Having one of these handy can help in clearing snow, avoiding the dreaded ice dam formation.
    • Knowledge of Roof’s Strength: Be aware of how much snow weight your roof can manage.

Why Pro Warrior Construction is Newton’s Go-To Choice

Engaging Pro Warrior Construction isn’t just a choice; it’s an investment in:

  1. Expertise: Harnessing years of roofing mastery for your home.
  2. Energy Efficacy: Providing energy-smart solutions to keep your heating costs in check.
  3. Certainty: Sleep peacefully, knowing that Pro Warrior is safeguarding your roof.

FAQs with Pro Warrior

Why is it vital to focus on roof maintenance during the fall?
Autumn in New England presents its unique roofing challenges. Tackling them with Pro Warrior’s assistance ensures a fortified home.

How often should I inspect and clean my gutters during this season?
A monthly check and clean-up during the fall is advisable, given the frequent leaf shedding. Pro Warrior offers free roof inspections – call us today to schedule your appointment! (603) 793-3745

Is professional roof inspection really necessary?
Absolutely! The experts at Pro Warrior Construction have the skills and experience to spot potential issues, safeguarding you against future costly repairs.

Ice dams: What should I know?
These icy formations can trap water, which might lead to leaks. Optimal insulation and timely roof maintenance can reduce this risk.

Any tips to fend off snow damage?
Regular snow clearance and efficient attic insulation are paramount in keeping snow-related issues at bay.

Should I replace damaged shingles immediately?
Yes, without hesitation. Compromised shingles can threaten your roof’s overall integrity and may lead to extensive damage.


With Pro Warrior Construction at your side, you’re not just prepping for a season but fortifying your home for years to come. As you bask in the beauty of New England’s fall, rest easy knowing Newton’s finest has your roof under its expert care.

Pro Warrior is certainteed 5 star certified installers
Pro Warrior is also a preferred James Hardie Installer

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